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Perinteinen Baptistiseurakunta was

organized into a church in June 1996

with seven charter members under

the leadership of missionary Pastor

Tom Ruhkala.


In April 2006, the church decided to

focus on an international ministry in

the city of Tampere, and International

Baptist Church was launched. Sunday

services, Bible studies, and evangelistic

outreaches are now conducted in English,

but there are always opportunities for non-English, Finnish-speaking nationals as well.


Following the collapse of the Soviet Union from 1991 to 1999, Pastor Tom accepted invitations to preach in Russian Baptist churches and teach seminars from St. Petersburg to Murmansk. Perinteinen Baptistiseurakunta provided much-needed Russian Christian literature and other necessities for the believers there.


Now our church is seeking opportunities to serve not only Russian immigrants to Finland, but other nationalities as well.


We desire to proclaim God's glory through the Gospel of grace for the joy of all generations and peoples in our worship and service. Our meetings emphasize the clear preaching and teaching of the Word of God. Following Sunday Services is a time of fellowship around the coffee table where the Pastor is available to personally meet with you if you should so desire.


We welcome everyone to our Sunday services and Bible studies. It would be our joy for you to join us when we meet together around the Word.

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